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Games in Norwegian Schools

  A list of interesting project in Norwegian Schools from About Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary in Computer Weekly. Norway-case-study-How-technology-has-transformed-education-at-Nordahl-Grieg-Upper-Secondary-School Innovative games (NOT gamification) in education projects: The Upper Secondary School Nordahl Grieg vgs. in Bergen is a good example. Here,

Gamification of QA and Debugging in software development

Work in progress….   Software debugging and games Combining gamification and software debugging? YES! If it sounds to you like an interesting idea or if you interested, keep watching this space, or get in touch.   Resources Infosys: Gamifying software

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Autism Simulation Game

There is a new game to help people understand what it is like to have the sensory overload of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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