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Games in Norwegian Schools

  A list of interesting project in Norwegian Schools from About Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary in Computer Weekly. Norway-case-study-How-technology-has-transformed-education-at-Nordahl-Grieg-Upper-Secondary-School Innovative games (NOT gamification) in education projects: The Upper Secondary School Nordahl Grieg vgs. in Bergen is a good example. Here,

Gamification of QA and Debugging in software development

Work in progress….   Software debugging and games Combining gamification and software debugging? YES! If it sounds to you like an interesting idea or if you interested, keep watching this space, or get in touch.   Resources Infosys: Gamifying software

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Sound-driven games

[this is still work in progress] About Sound-driven games allow the player upload their own soundtrack. The soundtrack is then used to generate the world, track, or environment. Based on the properties of that soundtrack, the game is made unique

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Autism Simulation Game

There is a new game to help people understand what it is like to have the sensory overload of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Informasjon om EEG-prosjekt

Detaljer om prosjektet kan finnes på wikien vår Neurofeedback og spill-prosjekt EEG-trening ved hjelp av Robot-prosjekt Oppdateringer om prosjektet vil bli lagt ut på denne bloggen. Mer informasjon kommer etter hvert.

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Masters Projects – EEG (Slightly boring first post)

I am a student on Master in Media Technology. I am one of two students currently working master theses involving use of EEG and Games. My focus is on neurofeedback and ADHD. The other student is focusing on whether one

EEG and Gaming project

Team Simon McCallum  (project leader) Øyvind Nygåard (programmer, ADHD) Hanne Karlsen (media analyst, Engagement) Overview This project is focused on the use of EEG with computer games.  There are two parts to the current project each with a Masters student working

GTL Meeting 10/09/10

We are having a meeting in K105 on Friday the 10th. The meeting will cover the new activities starting this year, what we got done last year, and various social activities including D&D. We will also discuss Startcraft 2 and

Brain Computer Interfaces – April

We have started looking at the BCI stuff for the Advance Game Technology course in August. This is going to be a fairly busy course with the topics we are going to cover. Currently there are 4 technologies I want

JoinGame Workshop 8

The volcanic ash from Iceland decreased the attendance at the workshop. So far Webcircus – Zoovolution new IP related to eco living for children. Lots of work on marketing and branding.  Ideas are easy, development is hard, broadcasting is very