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Games in Schools

On Friday I will be giving a presentation as part of a workshop for highschool teachers. The workshop is on using COTS games in Education, with a specific focus on Minecraft. The focus of my 30 minutes will be

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Someone is wrong on the internet

There is a holy war happening on Facebook at the moment, (OK, there is almost certainly more than one). I refer to one in the Dragon Age 2 fan group. In response to the comment “Tell my your favourite Dragon

Game Arcades

On a more playful note, here is a story and video on the arcade culture in Japan. Japanese Arcades not sure what the games are at about 2:15-20, but Do Want!

Media Circus

Looks like this story will generate another round of media claiming video games can kill you. The first problem with this is that it does not actually say why it was the gaming that was responsible. It appears that

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Do not believe all that you read

A couple of weeks ago a story about how console racing games make you a bad driver was doing the rounds This is exactly the kind of study that demonstrates why we need science rather than just making stuff

Mind controlled LEGO robots

As there is a First LEGO league arrangement coming up at Gjøvik, we decided to try if we could manage to control a mindstorms robot using the Emotiv Epoc. Doing this was quite simple, as the epoc has an application

Transparency of Content

The narrative content disappears leaving bare the rule system.

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Hello world!

This is the first blog post for the game technology lab blog.  In this blog we will have comments about game technology issues, reviews of games, and general interest topics.  Jayson Mackie and Simon McCallum are the primary commentators, but