Games in Norwegian Schools

  A list of interesting project in Norwegian Schools from About Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary in Computer Weekly. Norway-case-study-How-technology-has-transformed-education-at-Nordahl-Grieg-Upper-Secondary-School Innovative games (NOT gamification) in education projects: The Upper Secondary School Nordahl Grieg vgs. in Bergen is a good example. Here,


It is really nice when students take the initiative to set up activities.  One of our international students likes working with Linux.  Many of our students have focused on Windows rather than Linux, so he thought it would be nice

HowTo: SFML on Android

Prerequisites Go to SFML GitHub Repo and clone it to your local machine. You need to have GIT installed for that. Install Android SDK and Android NDK. Install cmake. Note: The process seems not to work with Visual Studio, so you may

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Android Studio 1.4 and OpenCV 3.0.0

In this tutorial we will provide details of how to setup your environment for working with Android and OpenCV with Android Studio 1.4 and OpenCV 3.0.0.  This is an updated tutorial from an earlier write-up about the same topic.  Prerequisites

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On Visual Novels

This post is by Fredrik Espedal There are a few things you need to know if you’re going to play visual novels: Some are quite hard to get to work. You might need to put your computers “local setting” to

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Game Jam for science: #setijam

Science Games at SETI #setijam SETI has organized their Science Games Jam this weekend – check SETI game jam. From our school three teams have entered the challenge of building a game related somehow to the Drake’s equation.  Check out all

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Gamification of QA and Debugging in software development

Work in progress….   Software debugging and games Combining gamification and software debugging? YES! If it sounds to you like an interesting idea or if you interested, keep watching this space, or get in touch.   Resources Infosys: Gamifying software

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Game Jam for #gamergate

On Friday I was talking to students in our Rapid prototyping course.  We were discussing the focus of the next Game Jam in the course.  The students asked to do a #gamergate themed game jam. I am not working out

Sound-driven games

[this is still work in progress] About Sound-driven games allow the player upload their own soundtrack. The soundtrack is then used to generate the world, track, or environment. Based on the properties of that soundtrack, the game is made unique

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OpenCV and Android Studio

Note: Here you will find an updated tutorial for Android Studio 1.4 and OpenCV 3 In this tutorial we will provide details of how to setup your environment for working with Android and OpenCV.  Prerequisites Download OpenCV for Android, from

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