Month: February 2011

Game Arcades

On a more playful note, here is a story and video on the arcade culture in Japan. Japanese Arcades not sure what the games are at about 2:15-20, but Do Want!

Media Circus

Looks like this story will generate another round of media claiming video games can kill you. The first problem with this is that it does not actually say why it was the gaming that was responsible. It appears that

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Do not believe all that you read

A couple of weeks ago a story about how console racing games make you a bad driver was doing the rounds This is exactly the kind of study that demonstrates why we need science rather than just making stuff

Informasjon om EEG-prosjekt

Detaljer om prosjektet kan finnes på wikien vår Neurofeedback og spill-prosjekt EEG-trening ved hjelp av Robot-prosjekt Oppdateringer om prosjektet vil bli lagt ut på denne bloggen. Mer informasjon kommer etter hvert.

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