Month: November 2010

Mind controlled LEGO robots

As there is a First LEGO league arrangement coming up at Gjøvik, we decided to try if we could manage to control a mindstorms robot using the Emotiv Epoc. Doing this was quite simple, as the epoc has an application

Masters Projects – EEG (Slightly boring first post)

I am a student on Master in Media Technology. I am one of two students currently working master theses involving use of EEG and Games. My focus is on neurofeedback and ADHD. The other student is focusing on whether one

EEG and Gaming project

Team Simon McCallum  (project leader) Øyvind Nygåard (programmer, ADHD) Hanne Karlsen (media analyst, Engagement) Overview This project is focused on the use of EEG with computer games.  There are two parts to the current project each with a Masters student working