Game Technology Lab

Gjøvik University College

The Game Technology Lab is part of Gjøvik University College. The research group is focused on technology related to games and the development of serious games. We have a Game Technology Blog which has just started but will have musings and discussions about games, reviews of papers and conferences, and project updates. The members of the lab include:

  • Simon McCallum
  • Mariusz Nowostawski
  • Costas Boletsis
  • Ibrahim Arief*
  • Jayson Mackie*

We have students from the Bachelor in Game ProgrammingMasters of Applied Computer Science, and PhD in Computer Science here in Gjøvik.

 Courses These are the public pages for the courses we teach.

 Resources where we keep the publicly available resources.

 Reading List – This is a list of good game and programming related texts


 Media Coverage

 Looking for Jobs and our list of good recruitment agencies. The projects in the lab are both from research and student assignments.